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“My Life Coach helped me realize the intricacies in my life in basic terms, comprehend them, and start to feel empowered to start working on improving them with rational, logical and pragmatic exercises.

My Life Coach helped me target the real motivations behind my actions as well as my thoughts and develop his framework to coach around them. His approach was very respectful of my nature, but never timid. Our relationship and interactions were very candid. We discussed, debated and analyzed openly and comfortably and came to many eye-opening conclusions with one another that have proven to be helpful.
During my Life Coaching experience, I became accountable to my Life Coach and updated him as frequent as we agreed was necessary between our sessions on how I was doing and my progress. He always responded quickly and was there when I needed him to be.”

Jeff F, Architect – NYC, NY and Canada

“I highly recommend The Institute for Coaching. My coach has a unique combination of insight, analytical skills, and heart that add up to make her a very effective coach. Anyone would be fortunate to work alongside her and gain from her one of a kind inspiration and wisdom to improve within themselves”.
Alison G, Attorney – NYC, NY

“I worked with a Life Coach from the Institute for Coaching. My favorite thing about my Life Coach is her ability  to not force you to face every single issue, but rather realize which issues should be the ones to attack first”
Jen G, Entrepreneur – Los Angeles, California

“My coach was a real change agent. She helped me improve my business to facilitate true positive results to facilitate personal as well as business growth.”
Meir, CEO – NYC, New York

“Thank you for…getting me in touch with my real self again…I could not realize how tightly wound I had become in that awful web…All I wanted was to get out of it but did not quite know how to let go. I had that endorphin free feeling within my heart, a feeling that I can only remember feeling in specific instances throughout my life that all occurred a long time ago”
April P, Physical Therapist –  LA, California

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