MaryAnn Gonzalez

maryanncolorMaryAnn Gonzalez

MaryAnn Gonzalez serves as a consultant to executive teams, sales forces and individual professionals throughout a variety of industries and corporations. A fierce believer in human progress and the ability of individuals, teams and organizations to evolve functionally and culturally, MaryAnn’s talent lies in her ability to quickly pinpoint and resolve personal development and business issues that stifle performance and creativity.

Having spent some of her formative years on a commune, MaryAnn has unusual insight and history with human and group dynamics. Work in the insurance industry at a Fortune 10 company allowed her to translate those insights into a business environment. MaryAnn formalized this education with a Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University.

Prior to founding her consulting practice, MaryAnn spent four years building a start up coaching and consulting firm in NYC where she was the senior consultant for the firm’s corporate clients and was responsible for training and development of junior coaches. In her work with client organizations, MaryAnn guides teams and individuals to identify and resolve areas of issue whether political, professional or personal.

Through a safe, confidential process, she works with people to enhance their enthusiasm, personal responsibility and accountability. MaryAnn’s style of coaching leaves no stone unturned and addresses even the most difficult situations be they limiting personality traits, mediocre performance or loss of optimism and drive due to difficult circumstances. She also works with executives and entrepreneurs to assist them in career management and building their business. Her clients include Fairmont Specialty, AOL, BASF Corporation, IntraLinks and Transamerica Capital, Inc.


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