Management Training and Coaching

We help management thrive.

Whether for yourself, a manager on your team, or your entire management team, we can help.

Most of our management training and coaching professionals are not only excellent at what they do, but they have real-world business/management experience to help them connect and produce results with you or your team.

 Some of the Areas of Impact of our management training and coaching:

  • Improve skills at communicating with staff and leadership.
  • Productivity- Effective time management, communication, accountability both up and down.
  • “Difficult” or “Problem” situations- whether a manager who is underperforming, or perhaps a manager who produces great results but in a way that causes conflict or issues in other areas, our management coaches support our managers to produce results in a way that has them and the company thrive.
  • Effective Management- Getting the most out of employees.  Learning how to best motivate people with different styles, to ensure accountability and get the most out of each person and your team.
  • Managing Up- Strong managers know how to communicate, develop strong relationships and get things done both laterally and up in their organizations.  Our management trainers will support managers to build team at all levels and ensure that their peers, management and they are rowing in the same direction.
  • Conflict Resolution- Managers need to manage all sorts of people and situations.  Our management coaches support you or your team to navigate these situations in a way that leaves people empowered and moving forward in a powerful and coordinated way.
  • Work-life balance- Whether you are a manager or looking for coaching for management, work life balance is important.  Without work life balance, management runs the risk of burnout and their work may suffer.  Studies show that happy employees are productive employees.
  • Goals, Vision, Values- whether it be your company goals, vision values or your own departmental goals, our coaches help ensure that managers have a strong compass, know their goals, mission and values and where they are going.  Otherwise we are rudderless and going wherever the winds of business take us, which is often not the best for overall productivity.
  • Strong Decision Making- our management coaches support management by asking the right questions and supporting the critical thinking required to make good decisions.

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