Management Team Plan, Team Performance Coaching and Training

Creating super teams can be tricky.  A lot goes into it, and sometimes as great as your management and leaders are at what they do, they may not be experts at team building and motivation.  That is where our team performance coaches come into play.

Some benefits of Team Performance Coaching and Training:

  • Optimally performing teams- we help build teams that win, have fun and thrive.
  • We support you to create and ensure your team is operating with and bought into your shared mission, vision and values. Nothing brings teams together more than a common cause.
  • Help to ensure individuals and team know what is expected of them, their individual and team goals and that they get the support and/or tools needed to reach their goals.
  • Ensure there are accountability structure to support employees and management, while not leaving employees dis-empowered and micro-managed.
  • Our team performance coaches will help your team better understanding team member’s different styles and to learn how to best interact with each styles to get the most out of each other and avoid problematic dynamics.
  • Conflict resolution- teach skills to communicate and move through conflicts rather than bottle them up or avoid them which leads to under-performing teams.
  • Individual and team productivity- we support teams to create productive structures for success.  Whether through communications, tracking tools, etc. we will help ensure that your team has the fundamentals of productivity in place to thrive.
  • Decision making- we support teams to make strong decisions and to understand how to resolve different issues.
  • Work-life balance- studies show that happy employees are productive employees.  Employees with no work- life balance tend to be unhappy and will likely eventually get burned out.
  • Feedback- ensuring that each team player knows what is and is not working about their performance as per their supervisor and perhaps team members.  And that each team member is powerfully in action and empowered to improve in areas needing work.

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No matter what you need when it comes to team performance training and team performance coaching, we can help your business reach the next level. Contact us today at 800-353-5813 to discuss your needs, or feel free to email us here.



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