Life Coach News- How to Find The Right Life Coach for You

By Robert Weil, Life Coach and President of the Institute for Coaching

So you want to find a Life Coach, but now you need to figure out which one. There are thousands of coaches and lots to consider, we’ve listed our top tips to find the best Life Coach for you.

1)Chemistry- Among the most important components to find a Life Coach…your connection with them. In a preliminary conversation, share with your prospective life coach about something you are dealing with…see what they have to say…do you feel empowered by what they say, do you feel a sense of trust and comfort? Do you feel in your gut that this person could support me to achieve my goals? Trust your instincts. And if it does not feel right, talk to other life coaches.

2)Experience- These days, there are so many people hanging up a shingle and calling themselves a Life Coach. The first question we recommend you ask is about their training and experience. Of course sometimes a less experienced coach is also less expensive which has its appeal…but if are going to choose a less experienced coach, make sure the chemistry is there and you feel comfortable after speaking with them.

3)Finances- Rather than overextend yourself, find a Life Coach who is a match for your budget and who you can afford to work with weekly, at least in the beginning. Meeting weekly, at least at the start will help to produce faster results.

4)Ask them if they make you commit for a long term? We never make people commit to a long term agreement when working with us…we feel that people should work with us for as long as they are getting value and not longer. At the very least, make sure you can have a few sessions to decide. You need to make sure you feel that you are going to accomplish your intentions.

There are many great life coaches out there. Click here to read more about finding a Life Coach through the Institute for Coaching . Or feel free to call us at 800-253-4580.

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