Entrepreneurial Coaching and Training

Whether you are a new entrepreneur, or an experienced one looking to lift your business to the next level, entrepreneurial coaching can get you there. Our entrepreneurial coaches at the Institute for Coaching know what it means to be you because in many cases, they have worked as entrepreneurs themselves. In addition, they work with entrepreneurs of all stripes, and can help you on your journey. Our entrepreneurial training is a core focus of our business.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect from our entrepreneur coaching and training with our experts:
 Some Areas of Impact:

  •  Your coach will be a grounding “partner” to support you in thinking through plans, ideas, roadblocks, etc.
  • Support you in creating structures for success.  Often we find entrepreneurs are strong in some or many areas, but may lack expertise or interest in other critical areas for success.  Your coach will support you bridge that gap.
  • Supporting you to make good decisions.  Our entrepreneurs coaches will ask the right questions to encourage you to think critically and smartly to make good choices for you and your company.
  • Work with you through thinking and communications with difficult employees, partner issues, investors, etc.  All entrepreneurs will face these sorts of issues and working through them powerfully is a key to building a strong foundation for success.
  • Work-life balance – we understand the demands of building a successful company require a ton from any entrepreneur.  But we also know that if our entrepreneurs do not create a full and fulfilling life, then what’s the point?  Your coach will support our entrepreneurs to create success both in work and in life!
  • Mission, vision, values- your entrepreneur coach will work with you to ensure that you create and are operating from a place grounded in your mission, vision and values.  For some entrepreneurs, this process may feel unnecessary, but we find most businesses that really fly are grounded in these concepts.
  • Scaling- many entrepreneurs do well getting their business to a certain plateau, but then may have trouble growing from there.  Your coach will support you cause breakthroughs to bring your business to the next level.

In addition to entrepreneurial coaching, we also offer training to entrepreneurial ventures which often involves the entire leadership and often managers as well.  We offer training in leadership, communication, productivity, team building and more.  Our Entrepreneur trainings are designed to bring a company together and ignite your team, leaving them inspired and smartly and intensively in action to accomplish their goals and mission.

To learn more about how our entrepreneurial coaching and training programs, contact us today at 800-353-5813, or feel free to email us here.

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