A 1992 study by John Kotter and James Heskett revealed that over a ten-year period, companies that intentionally “managed their cultures well” outperformed similar organizations that didn’t.

  • Revenue increased 682% vs. 166%.
  • Stock price increased 901% vs. 74%.
  • Net income increased 756% vs. 1%.
  • Job growth increased 282% vs. 36%

Dig into any consistently high-performing organization, and you’ll find an equally high-performance culture.

It deepens a business beyond the usefulness of the product or service, or the utility of a paycheck for an employee, and builds something in short supply these days — full throttle commitment.

We can help YOU establish or build upon a great company culture.

    A company where staff have a personal investment in the business, believing in personal accountability for their results:

  • Connection: Culture roots people to something larger than themselves, just as families and communities do. This impact is particularly important in challenging times.
  • Shared Purpose: Culture creates an environment of shared purpose and ways of operating, which impacts how people are together.
  • Unambiguous roles and goals
  • Clear pathways for growth
  • With a clear, compelling purpose plus an explicitly stated set of guiding principles to drive how business gets done.
  • A no-blame culture, which is about problem-solving, not finger-pointing
  • Tapping the enormous energy of people doing work that is meaningful to them
  • Actively bringing forth creativity, innovation and autonomy
  • A business where accomplishments are acknowledged
  • A place where issues are addressed quickly, directly, or without baggage
  • An environment with high-impact communication
  • An environment with a zero-tolerance policy for gossip
  • A place where people are trained to talk to people who can do something about it
  • A company where people are trained to listen well to problems

Through comprehensive feedback from all levels of the company, we will come to understand what obstacles and inhibitors are already at play, and go to work to transform those.

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