Conflict Resolution Training

Our conflict resolution training service helps individuals and teams develop and practice the necessary skills for resolving conflict and navigating difficult situations and personalities.  Our coaches have extensive experience resolving conflict in the work place as well as advanced degrees in organizational behavior, psychology and business management.

Areas of Impact:


Conflict resolution training supports individuals who are experiencing conflict at work whether it is with a colleague, boss or business partner.  You will learn to assess the situation including how you may be contributing to the dynamic as well as to develop strategies for resolving conflict by maximizing those aspects that are in your control.  A coach will help you with perspective taking to view the situation more broadly in the aim of ultimately taking a more creative approach to resolving conflict.  Conflict resolution training often includes adopting new behaviors and communication practices as part of an overall action plan to approach and react to conflict more effectively.  Often clients opt to ‘confront’ the difficult situation directly after doing this necessary upfront planning.  Resolving conflict requires a level of faith that the situation can change as well as a willingness to make changes oneself.  One of the best ways to bring about change is to strive to be empathic to other people involved in the difficult situation. It is a human truism that when a person doesn’t feel understood he/she feels the way they do even more strongly. One of the quickest ways to advance a situation that is stuck is to strive to understand the other person(s) point of view. In situations where the environment or individual(s) is not receptive to addressing or resolving conflict a coach can be an excellent support system to help you make a choice that is best for you whether that means remaining in the situation or moving on.


Conflict resolution training helps teams to address the underlying issues that cause discord, confusion and interruption of a team’s full talent to function optimally.   One of the major disruptors in work groups, management and leadership teams is a lack of alignment regarding expectations of one another and of one another’s respective team members.  Conflict resolution training walks a team through a structured process to identify expectations and gaps in agreement and to create an action plan to strengthen alignment.

Conflict resolution training is as much an art as it is a methodology. Our coaches do not have a cookie cutter approach to resolving conflict.  Our conflict resolution training service will be tailored to the specifics of your situation and influenced by the outcomes you want to achieve.

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