Change Management Coaching

A change management coach works side by side with business leaders to bring about desired change in an organization. Our change management coaching service is designed for clients charged with organizational development initiatives such as: bringing corporate values into a company culture, deepening employee morale and loyalty and raising the bar for performance and output.

Change management coaching helps a company pursue organizational change initiatives by providing a support structure and communication outlet for key players of the change effort.

Services Offered:

Gathering Feedback

Change management coaching will help your company or team gather the necessary input and perspectives on the relevant areas of the change effort in the organization such as, employee satisfaction, understanding of the strategy, faith in leadership and company loyalty.  In collaboration with business leaders, a change management coach will make key recommendations to forward the change effort.

Action Planning

A change management coach understands that careful consideration must be given to defining action planning based on the feedback gathered.  Change management coaching ensures that important questions are asked at the outset. Is there a willingness to take action?  Is there a willingness to change by the right people?  What are the organizational priorities? A common pitfall is to try to do too much.  Most importantly, there must be buy in from the necessary people who need to be involved in the change effort. Cross-functional and executive support is critical to the success of change management coaching.

One-on-One Coaching

A change management coach is a sounding board and support structure for key players involved in the change effort.  A change management coach provides a forum for open communication by finding out what people need, raising issues as they arise and acting as a champion for the change effort. One-on-one coaching is an excellent benefit for employees to maximize the organization’s investment in human resources needed bring about desired changes in the organization.

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