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“Best Career Coaches as seen in Business Week, Daily News, Glamour, Forbes, Women’s Day, the NY Times and more.”

The career coaching experts at the Institute of Coaching, help our clients to achieve fulfilling and successful careers. For some of our clients that translates into determining what they would prefer to do next with their career. While other clients are satisfied with their current career but would like to work on future growth and development, improve their current work-life balance, or learn the best methods in dealing with difficult people and tough situations, etc.

No matter what your career goals may be, our expert coaches are highly experienced career coaching professionals that are prepared to help people identify the answers they are looking for, start acting on it and facilitate a career they will love.

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Career Coaching Areas of Impact

  • Seek out and determine a new career path that correlates with what is really important to you…a career path that you will enjoy and derive more value from.
  • Develop integral strategies and objectives to enhance work satisfaction, happiness and fulfillment.
  • Learn to improve work-life balance, with the ability to succeed at work while being able to take care of yourself and the things that are important to you too.
  • Better at dealing with challenging situations while at work, including with superiors, people you work with, etc.
  • Strategies and identify objectives and strategies to enhance performance while at work and in your career.

Career Transition Impact

Many clients search for a Career Coach because they want to determine what the next step is in their career. Our expert Career Coaches support our clients in realizing what it is they really want in their career, that balances the range of each individuals unique values and concerns, including what you would enjoy to be doing and the amount of money you are committed to making. Through Career Coaching you will address what works about your current career, what should be changed, what you actually enjoy, what you dislike, what you really love to do, how can that be incorporated into your next career choice in a way that accounts for everything you are currently balancing in your life.

Career Development and Growth

Many of our career coaching clients are looking to evolve and succeed in their current career, they want to develop in new ways, be appreciated for their contributions, earn more money, increase their responsibility, learn new methods, discover how to improve communications or become a more effective leader. Our experienced Career Coaches work together with you to develop a flexible and highly effective strategy to achieve your goal. With your Career Coach you will learn to identify where you are not and where you would like to be. That space is referred to as “the gap”. Our Career Coaches work alongside you on filling that gap.

The Work-life Balance

At times, people contact a Career Coach looking for a better work life balance. They work more than they would like, are often juggling family and other pressing obligations and cannot see how to maintain a balanced, peaceful life. Our Career Coaches have a wealth of tested experience working with clients, evaluating one’s real values, including work and financial success, and then developing a full, happy and balanced life of one’s own design.

Difficult Situations Communication, Relationships

Often career coaching clients are dealing with career and work related issues such as communication, relationships or other difficult situations. We teach people how to communicate powerfully and with grace and to transform challenging or negative situations into effective and sometimes priceless growth.

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IFC Coaching offers career coaching in New York, NYC, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Boston, Houston, Dallas, Seattle, Florida, Miami, San Diego and all other areas of the U.S. and worldwide.

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