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“I used to hate my job so much that I wouldn’t go out to lunch because I knew I wouldn’t come back”, said career change coach, MaryAnn Gonzalez.  Many people who seek career change coaching can relate to the stifled and frustrated spirit that underlies this statement even if not to the same extreme.

Career change coaching will help you to chart a course to your career goals.  Often this process starts with a finite exploratory period to cast a wide net of professional possibilities and map those areas of interest to your talents and strengths.

A career change coach is an expert in facilitating this process of goal-recognition and actions planning.  Career change coaching is an excellent vehicle to weigh the pros and cons of making a career change. What will I earn? Am I willing to go back to school? What are my interests and strengths?  Who can help me?  How do I ask them?  These are examples of important questions to consider when undertaking career change coaching.

Areas of Impact:

  • Professional Brainstorming
  • Messaging & Branding
  • Being Passionate & Enthusiastic
  • Networking

Professional Brainstorming

A career change coach will help you to walk through a process to identify career options you are passionate about and to prioritize these options based on your interest level, skill sets and appetite for change.

Messaging & Branding

It is shocking how difficult it can be to articulate what we want and who we are.   A career change coach understands that talking about yourself is tricky because…well… it’s you!  It is critical to be able to clearly and concisely articulate both what you are looking for and what you bring to the table. Career change coaching will help you to unearth what you want and your strengths.  A career change coach will help you to craft this message clearly and succinctly in your job search.

Being Passionate & Enthusiastic

Surprisingly, one of the best things to do when you are undertaking a career change is to get more engaged in whatever you are already doing now. If you’re working, take on an extra project at work or do a little extra on an existing one. If you’re unemployed and attending to things in you personal life while you job search- go for it- don’t go for a jog-go for a run!  Don’t just straighten up your home, do a serious purge and organization!  A job search can take a hit on the spirit and confidence and that comes across in networking and job interviews. A career change coach will help you to stay sharp and energized, which in turn acts as fuel for your job search and projects well during interviews and networking.


A business leader once said, “If your life’s work takes place in your living room, what’s the indication that your life is working?”  Translation- you need to leave your living room!  And we know that some brilliant work does, in fact, get done in people’s living rooms.  That being said, networking is a critical component of a career change effort.  A career change coach will help you devise the right networking strategy for you.  Networking can be viewed at two levels:

1. Cultivating New Relationships

A career change coach will help you devise a networking strategy to build your network of contacts as well as your confidence in promoting yourself.  Cultivating new relationships is often accomplished through activities including attending industry events, participating on panels, joining a networking group or being part of your school alumni.

2. Mining Your Backyard

A career change coach will help you to take an inventory of people you already know who are in a position to help you.  Career change coaching is an ideal vehicle to do the upfront thinking to craft what you are asking of your personal contacts and to strategize how to approach them.

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