Business Coaching

Our business coaching service is provided by a select group of professionals who have been highly successful in their respective careers. Collectively, our business coaches have been CEO’s, executives for Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs.  Individually, our business coaches each possess the talent to teach what they’ve learned and to help you achieve your business goals.

Our business coaches work closely with business owners and leaders to groom and develop those things that are already working well for the business and to address areas of difficulty in the business.

Areas of Impact:

  • Clarifying Vision
  • Establishing Roles & Responsibilities
  • Strengthening Business Relationships
  • Improving Communication
  • Keeping Employees Motivated

Clarifying Vision

Work can be a meaningful experience that brings a strong sense of purpose to our lives.  Business coaching is an excellent support structure to define a vision, which guides decision-making, business imperatives as well as values and behavior embodied in your business.  A business coach will help you to clarify your vision for the business.

Establishing Roles & Responsibilities

Who was supposed to run with this?  I thought we’d already agreed on that!  Do these questions sound familiar? Our business coaches understand that with all of the demands of running a business, it is easy to forgo the planning required to define roles and responsibilities.  Over time, this can create anything from a slightly chaotic environment to a downright contentious one as responsibilities collide and accountability is ambiguous.  Business coaching is an ideal outlet to define roles and responsibilities in your business.  A business coach is a sounding board and partner in this planning process.

Strengthening Business Relationships

A business coach can be instrumental in setting up a winning dynamic in your key business relationships and partnerships.  Many businesses suffer from a lack of communication and subsequently, alignment, between important players.  A business coach will work with you to deepen those important relationships. In business coaching this is often accomplished through perspective taking, increasing communication and creating a shared vision of success.

Improving Communication

Open, honest and forthright communication is at the heart of good business and good relationships. Our Business coaches will help you, as a leader, analyze and strategize effective communication strategies to get the results you want.

Motivating Employees

Motivation can wane for a variety of reasons. Business coaching will help you to identify energy sources and energy depletions in your business.  In some cases, interpersonal or communication issues may be bottlenecking productivity.  In others, higher standards and clearer measures for success may need to be established.  In collaboration, a business coach will act as a think tank, advocate and even devil’s advocate, unearthing your full potential to engage and direct the people who impact your business the most, your employees.

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