7 Guideposts
Rocking it with Your Employees!

7 core concepts to truly rock it with your employees and as a leader in your company.

Successful leaders and companies are hitting most or all of these guideposts dead-on. That does not mean you can’t be successful without them, but nailing them not only improves your chances of success, but also improves your chances of creating an awesome company, with inspired employees and results- sound fun? We think so!


    Culture roots people to something larger than themselves, just as families and communities do. We all thrive when we are part of something we feel is meaningful. An in-depth study by John Kotter and James Heskett revealed that over a ten-year period, companies that intentionally "managed their cultures well" saw revenue increases of 682% vs. 166% for companies who do not. A strong culture can help your business thrive!

    Do the work to give purpose to the work of the organization. What are you out to cause in the world – beyond raw financial profit? It doesn't matter if you're a commercial painting company, a digital marketing firm, or a discount retailer.


    Most bosses don't even realize how much they spin people in different directions, leaving their people overwhelmed, unsure, stressed- and more importantly with diminished effectiveness and ability to kill it in their work. Create unambiguous vision, roles and goals. Having your people running in different directions makes for a grumpy ineffective world. Establish clear vision, roles & focused priorities.


    It's in your wheelhouse to paint a future for them they are psyched about. Your people need to see a real career path they can grow into that pulls the best out of them. If you are not clear about your/your company's vision, then take the time to get yourself clear and excited. Employees need a vision to be excited about with clear goals to be most effective and productive.


    A no-blame culture, which is about problem-solving, not finger-pointing. This does not mean there is not real accountability, just be constructive, clear and forward thinking.

    Create a place where issues are addressed quickly, directly, or without baggage. You need to create a culture where open communication is safe. If you shut people down or disregard their feedback, you will find that they stop sharing things with you and then the problems fester and can spread rather than get addressed and resolved.

    A zero-tolerance policy for gossip (starting with you). Gossip means talking badly about other people. The only people who should be part of discussions about "issues" or complaints about an employee are with the employee themselves or with a manager in a committed conversation to resolve or improve the situation.


    Supply your team with the tools they need to do their job! Part of your job is to make sure you have set your people up to kill it – find out what gets in the way – and remove those obstacles so they're unleashed.


    It makes a huge difference if people know that can count on you to do what you say. Say what you'll do and do what you say.


    Fair comp matters, but once you're in that zone, acknowledgement inspires giving MORE of yourself. Research shows teams acknowledged 3:1 (recognition to critique) perform BETTER. It's called the Losada Line.

    Aim for above the Line!

    Useful recognition is:

    Authentic – true to you and definitely NOT BS. If it doesn't feel true, it lands like food that leaves you still feeling like you didn't eat anything.

    Behavior-Oriented – Heavy-hitting recognition points out specific action and what was great about it…as in "the way you handled that upset client with grace and professionalism and care was so impressive.

    Character Oriented- acknowledge people for their positive characteristics and characteristics that they value.

    You may be someone who thinks this whole acknowledgement stuff is baloney, you don't need that/why should they…but if you want a high-performing culture that wants to bleed for mission…know the value of each of your people and have them feel it every day.

    Hope these tips have been helpful! If you want to speak with us in more detail about how we might be able to support you and/or your organization in building a rockin' culture call Adriene at 800-353-5813 to set up a time to speak with us!