Often, despite our best efforts or intentions, we end up doing things that disempower, demotivate or otherwise fail to bring out the best in our employees. 

Take a look at the list below, how are you doing with these?  Do you see gaps?  Seeing the gaps is the first step to dealing with the gaps, so don’t be discouraged.  Pick one or two gaps and take some actions to improve in these areas- get in the game and let us know how it goes!

6 Ways to Kill a Company Culture…

  • Employee Issues

    When you have an issue with an employee, do you address it with them in a respectful and productive way?  And give them clear goals as to what you expect in the future- and support them to get there?  Or do you sometimes just find yourself mumbling and complaining to yourself about that employee.  If the latter, even if you don't think they know, they do (even if sub conscious).  Deal with issues head on.  And your job is not just to tell them about their issues and see them as not capable of improving, but rather to support, believe in and stand for them to improve and win!  And if they do not improve and you can no longer stand for them, then there is probably a different action plan needed!

  • Disorganization

    Dis-organization at the top- do your priorities change from day to day? Is there a new fire drill every day? Do people get clear priorities and are given the space and tools to succeed. If not, culture will suffer. Most employees do well with clearly laid out goals and when given space and tools to achieve their goals.

  • Over-working

    All work and no play…gone are the days where people come to work expecting to just work, work, work. People want to work hard, but they also want to have fun, enjoy their work, be part of something bigger, be appreciated, have work-life balance, etc. Do you agree with this- or do you think people should just suck it up and work- if the latter, you may produce results, but there will likely be a cost on your culture, retention, creativity and achievement.

  • Objectification

    Objectification/de-personalization of your employees- Do you think about your employees like resources there to help YOU get where you want to get or like your partners in creating a rockin company. Are you interested in their growth, development and fulfillment? Your employees are giving a large chunk of their life and commitment to your company- honor that and you will get more and more from your employees.

  • Lack of Appreciation

    Acknowledgement and appreciation- how often do you find reasons to praise and acknowledge your employees? Some employees need less acknowledgement than others. If you are being stingy with appreciation and acknowledgement, your company culture is probably suffering too. This does not mean things have to be all rosy, you can and should deal with issues head on, but be respectful and productive…and don't forget to notice when they do things right!

  • Lack of Vision

    Have you laid out a clear vision for your company to your staff? Do you have goals? A mission that people can get behind? Clear company goals, direction and vision are key to strong culture.

    Think about this not just about company culture, but about you developing into a super star leader and having your company and you thrive to new heights!

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